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VEX Robotics At Jenison Schools

Jenison Robotics Teams Win Top Awards At 2022 State Of Michigan Championships!

Vex IQ State Championships 2022

Jenison Robotics had 7 High School & 4 Middle School teams qualify for the 2022 State Of Michigan VEX Championships.

Congratulations to the 2 Jenison High School and 3 Junior High teams for making it to the World Championship in Dallas, Texas!

At the Elementary School level Jenison sent 4 teams to the State Championships:

  • Congratulations to Team 1443A "The Dragons" who won the three top awards at their State Championships:
    Excellence, Teamwork Champion and Robot Skills!
  • And Team 1990C "Fire Knights" who won the Innovate Award!

Our State Winners

The following Middle School and High School teams are now qualified to attend to the World Championship in Dallas Texas!
Teams 457B & 457C
Congrats to teams 457B- Chubby Bunnies and 457C- Red Wrenching Rebels on winning Tournament Finalists at the middle school Michigan State Championship
Team 457D
Congrats to team 457D - Still Pending on winning the Create Award at the Middle School Michigan State Championship
Team 2140J
Congrats to team 2140J - on winning the Innovate Award at the State tournament
Team 2140H
Congrats to team 2140H - They received an invitation to the World Championship based on their skills scores!
Team 1443A "The Dragons"
At the Michigan Vex IQ Elementary State Championship Team 1443A - The Dragons won: Excellence, Teamwork Champion and Robot Skills.
Congratulations for winning the top 3 awards for the state!

World Championship Fundraiser

This year the Jenison Robotics Program located in Jenison, Michigan has had a record five high school & junior high school teams qualify for the World Championship in Dallas, Texas (Two high school teams and three junior high teams). These young men and women have worked countless hours, building, engineering, programming, driving, strategizing, documenting, and pouring into their robots and team to be some of the very best in the state, earning them a chance to compete on the World’s Vex Robotics Stage! 

As with any global competition, a cost is associated. It will cost approximately $40,500 for registration, travel, uniforms, hotels, meals, and expenses to send these amazing young people to Dallas for a chance to fulfill their dreams. We are asking all of you to partner with us and support these remarkable individuals. 

The competition is quickly approaching and is held the first week of May. Our teams will be perfecting their robots, practicing, re-engineering, and re-programming during this time. They will also be doing traditional fundraising at this time (pop can drives, burrito sales, local restaurant fundraisers, etc.) We hope to raise at least $20,000 (half of our goal) from this effort. Financial support for this event is strictly raised from fundraising efforts. 

Thank you for considering supporting these amazing young men and women. Any donation made is tax-deductible.
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What Is VEX?

VEX Competitions bring STEM skills to life by tasking teams of students with designing and building a robot to play against other teams in a game-based engineering challenge. The VEX Robotics Competition is the biggest and fastest growing robotics competition in the world, currently with over 16,000 teams competing in over 40 countries.

The VEX Robotics World Championship now holds the Guinness World Record for the largest robotics competition on Earth. Over 20,000 participants from 1,100 teams representing 30 nations travelled to Louisville, KY in 2016 for the chance to be crowned world champion! For Spring 2019, Jenison has qualified and sent 5 teams to these World Championships!

VEX Robotics partners with the Robotics Education & Competition (REC) Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing student interest and involvement in STEM programs. The REC Foundation manages the VEX IQ Challenge (for elementary school students), the VEX Robotics Competition (for middle-school and high-school students) and VEX U (for University students). This continuum of programs enables students of all ages to use VEX to compete against their peers around the world. 

Become A Jenison Robotics Sponsor!

Jenison had over 200 kids, and 34 teams compete in the 2018/19 season. We also sent 5 teams to the World Championships, but need your help! Help sponsor the program today!
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What is a VEX Competition?

A VEX competition is an event where the robots play against each other in a match of skill. The robots do not damage each other.

The Jenison 4th-6th grade student teams are entered into VEX IQ competitions that see students work TOGETHER with other teams robots, to maximize their score. Typically, the teams robots will get a chance to run several Partnership Challenge, and Skill Challenge matches, with the robot that gets the highest accumulated score at the end of a competition receiving recognition. Teams do not "lose" matches, but recognition is given out to teams that display certain skill sets including, design, creativity, and teamwork.

The Jenison 7th-12th grade student teams are entered into VEX VRC competitions. Standard Matches are played between red and blue robot alliances that compete against each other to score points. Alliances are randomly formed of two robots each. Typically, the teams robots will get a chance to run several Standard Matches, and Skill Challenge matches, with the robot that gets the highest accumulated score at the end of a competition receiving recognition. Teams can also receive recognition for displaying certain skill sets including, design, creativity, and teamwork.

There are also "online" and other STEM related projects that the teams of all grades can participate in as well.

The Fall
2022-23 VEX Challenges

Grades 4-6

2022-2023 VEX IQ Challenge

For Grades 4-6, the VEX IQ program forms teams to compete in VEX IQ Challenges. We also offer a one week "summer camp" each year.

The VEX IQ Fall season starts at the beginning of September, with team practices to build and test the robots. The 4-week leagues start in October, with a league championship tournament in November. There is also a separate, all day tournament scheduled for late November, which all teams participate in.

Registration will be at the beginning of the school year.

Grades 7-12

"Spin Up"
The 2022-2023 VEX VRC Challenge

For Grades 7-12, our VEX EDR program forms teams to compete in VEX Robotics Competitions (VRC). Applications are available each Spring.

The teams start working on their robots early August, with the first competitive "league nights" starting in September.

The teams compete in their league championships, and at least two all day tournaments.

Applications for fall 2022 are due June 1.
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